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Mental load. Can anyone relate?

Mary mother of Jesus. I don't often talk about parenting, but the busiest time of year on my work calendar just happens to coincide with back to school. Which finally happened last week after EIGHT. … [Read More...]

Ignorance cannot recognise itself

I remember Ash Wednesday like it was yesterday. The 16th of February 1983. It was my grandmother’s 67th birthday. I rode my bike to school that day so when Mum walked into my year 6 classroom to … [Read More...]

Will you stay the distance?

As is customary this time of year, many people are planning their resolutions and setting their goals for the year ahead. An increasing number of deals have landed in my inbox and feeds from “experts” … [Read More...]

The horse comes first

There’s a saying in the equestrian world that the horse always comes first. That means, amongst other things, that in the morning the horse gets breakfast before you even put the coffee on to brew; … [Read More...]

Why friendships matter to your career

I've been reflecting on the 20+ years that have passed since I left my home state of South Australia to follow my career dreams to Sydney, and how important forging the right friendships has become in … [Read More...]