What is the change that you will be?

Welcome! I’m Jen Dalitz and as The Change Coach, I guide businesses, teams and individuals through the change they need to make.

For the past 25 years, I’ve built a career around change. I’ve designed change strategy as a management consultant in global consulting firms; I’ve led large scale transformational change as a program manager in big corporates; I’ve lived change in three start-up businesses; and I’ve delivered coaching and structured professional development to over 1,000 individuals on their own change journeys.

Working one-on-one or with teams, as a contract project manager, or through facilitating workshops and strategic planning sessions, my job is to ensure each and every client understands what it really takes to achieve the results that they need; have a clear pathway to get there; are kept on track over time; and remain inspired to realise their full potential.  So how can I support your next transition?


Consultancy services

Leading your change agenda, develop the strategy and project plan, and deliver to an efficient execution agenda, for example:

•  Strategy development and communication support including competitor research & analysis, business case development, strategic planning, internal and external communiqués, proposal preparation, pitches, complex negotiations and speech writing.

•  Contract project manager for various operational restructures, business acquisitions, office relocations, technology implementations and other change initiatives.

•  Contract program leader responsible for implementing business turnarounds and organisation restructures.

•  Interim executive leader with vast operational general management experience across banking & financial services, operations, administration, back office & front office, providing a safe set of hands during long service leave/parental leave/extended leave.

Coaching & Mentoring

Providing career and life coaching solutions and corporate mentoring programs to assist with goal setting, establishing accountabilities, embedding learnings and fast-tracking success, for example:

•  Corporate mentoring to support peak performance during periods of management transition, organisation restructures, post-acquisition integration and industry disruption.

•  Managing internal mentoring programs including mentor-mentee matching, education sessions, provision of materials and post-program review.

•  Individual coaching to support transitions into or out of team or business and within the performance management process.

•  Executive coaching to retain and develop high performers and assist in career planning.

•  Life coaching to support individuals in setting personal goals and navigating career transitions.

•  Womentoring program to support female talent development and retention through structured mentoring and professional development.

Presentations & Workshops

Choose from a range of presentation topics that will assist in communicating the change agenda and objectives of your program, engendering buy-in and kicking off the transformation process in your team or business, for example:

•  From Good to Great: Building a team brand that delivers competitive advantage and sustainable performance.

•  Take Charge of Your Career: Building your career as your most valued asset.

•  Follow to Lead: How to succeed by harnessing the power of followership.

•  Strategy in a Day: How to build a Strategic Plan for your business in just one day!

•  Leading with your gut and your heart: What you need to lead & won’t learn from text books.

•  The Economics of Gender Diversity: Building the business case for gender balance in your business
Plus many, many more!

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